Shipping policy

We start handcrafting your tailored leather jacket as soon as we receive your request.

We're offering free delivery of our awesome leather jackets within the UK and most of EU.

We also ship to the US, Canada, China, Japan, UAE, KSA, India, Pakistan and most other countries.

Please allow between 7 - 14 days for your order to be dispatched. You will receive a tracking number via email.

We are always working hard to ensure your order is never late. If the order takes longer for any reason, we will update you with its status and the reason for delay.

Once you've placed an order with us, we will provide you with your unique order number and send you email updates on its delivery status. Once your order is with a courier, we will share your tracking number via email.

Returns and exchanges

We encourage our customers to avail the benefit of free tailoring with their order, as this is the best way to avoid disappointment and the environmental damage caused by fashion returns.
In case of damaged or incorrect orders, we offer 14 days to return or exchange your jacket.

Please send us an email with your order number, reason for return and and any other information. We will respond within 24 hours to assist you with your return. For more information, please read our returns section or contact us.


You can learn more by reading our sustainability section or by getting in touch.

Yes, we only use leather which is a by-product of the meat industry. Our tanning process is also chrome-free, so are our accessories. By producing on demand and offering free tailoring service with every jacket, we ensure every single jacket is loved by its owner. This helps us in our mission to reduce fashion waste.

What is Insaen?

Insaen is for the nonconformists. It represents individuals who don't follow trends and love their freedom of expression. When everyone's unique, why should their jacket be the same?

Insaen Jackets are designed with premium materials, branded hardware and a lot of creativity. You can purchase these designs as they are or customise them however you like, by sending us your request!

Once you've submitted your request, you will be booked in for a private appointment to discuss your specific needs. We will have a fresh pattern made based on your unique measurements and specifications. You can choose to have your your special jacket embroidered, engraved, embossed, or embellished!

Please note the price and delivery dates will vary depending on individual requirements. You will always be kept updated about your jacket's journey!

How does 'Handcrafted On Demand' work?

We create awesome leather jackets on demand and made to fit. We work in a sustainable way and want every customer to receive a freshly crafted, unique and durable jacket. Therefore, we don't believe in keeping stock. Once your order is placed online, we will arrange a complimentary fitting appointment with you. Once you're happy with your measurements, we will start handcrafting your unique jacket and send you an email with an estimated delivery date. You can contact us for information on your order. We always aim to respond within 24 hours.

Why Choose Us?

Because as a family business, we've been creating awesome jackets since the 70's! By buying from us, you will be supporting our mission to reduce fashion waste and help us improve our products and services. It will also support the hard-work and commitment of ethical craftsmen and our partner supplier, who follows our brand's DNA.