Our Story

Simra Khan-Jackson

Having lived and worked in three brilliant countries; Pakistan, UAE and the UK, I have been exposed to different work environments and cultures. This really evolved my way of thinking.

As an entrepreneur, I was determined to create a brand that was slow, sustainable, ethical and a lot of fun! I hope to inspire businesses and people to buy less, and invest more in durable products that are handcrafted just for them.

About Insaen

​Insaen is about embracing your individuality and freedom of expression. It stands for fearlessly following your passion in life and the will to create a positive influence along the way.

We are family run, passionate about what we do,
and keep perfecting how we do it i.e. creating really awesome leather jackets
and bags.

The lockdown massively influenced our first
collection. It reflects a combination of emotions we've experienced in total
isolation. From the heavy metal tunes that kept us sane during the dark days,
to the feel good music we played on sunny barbeques; we've added an essence of
our life in every single design.

We only create what we
love and believe will be loved by others. So, if you're into one-of-a-kind
designer fashion and support what we stand for, join the Insaen Culture!

About Vulture

Vulture London is about delivering fashion that doesn't cost the earth. As a family business, we have been creating and delivering awesome leather jackets since the 70's!

Our leather jackets are handcrafted by experienced craftsmen, using premium leather, and are tailored to fit, making every jacket a lifetime investment.

We believe in a sustainable, circular eco-system, where nothing is wasted. Our aim is to change the narrative of fashion and promote the idea of slow fashion to the world.

We really enjoy creating original masterpieces and we call the art of customisation, Insaen. With a personal consultation appointment, a lot of skill and little bit of imagination, we can proudly offer everyone their dream jacket.